Hey caller!
Thank you for answering the call!
My name is Oustrich! 
Have you seen my egg?
I know you have! You wouldn’t have gotten this far if you hadn’t. I know it!
 Maybe my egg has reached Bayan ng Damo?


I bet you are special. Why, you ask? 
Because you’ve seen my egg… you are chosen to enter Bayan ng Damo under the leadership of Kapitan Amat with me!

“フレ フレ Ostrich!! Hayupang Die-Bow-Ken!”



Bayan ng Damo was a lush, green paradise. The city’s ruler, A-mat, was shown how to lead his people in dreams brought to him by the mysterious Ante, who sung him magical lullabies each night. But one day, Ante dies, and A-mat can no longer sleep, let alone dream. Without A-mat’s dreams, the lush, green paradise of Bayan ng Damo slowly withers away to become a wasteland.

Before he passed away, Ante had left behind a prophecy: “A one-eyed goat shall be born, bringing great misfortune to this land.” A-mat believed the prophecy, and ordered his guards to search out and kill every last pregnant goat in the city. Hearing of this, Ygme the goat keeper goes on the run with his pregnant goat Yna to keep her out of the clutches of A-mat and his men. At some point in their escape, they happen upon Ante’s funeral. Ygme collects a strange magical stone which had fallen from Ante’s coffin.

One day, Nihan, a fellow goat keeper and Ygme’s friend, comes running to Ygme with tears in her eyes. One of her goats, Alicia, had been heartlessly killed. A-mat had announced that goat keepers would be compensated for every goat that was killed, and so the slaughter continues. Ygme and Yna are still on the run from A-mat and his men when Yna finally gives birth. It was just as Ante had predicted – the baby goat has only one eye. They name it Tartaros.

Although Yna had given birth without complications, she was discovered by A-mat as she lay resting. A-mat’s men holds Ygme back, and he watches on powerless as A-mat slits Yna’s belly open. Yna had been like family to Ygme and he is filled with a deep despair as he beholds her lifeless body. He begins to sing a soft lullaby for the lifeless Yna, and the magical stone reacts at once, causing A-mat to fall into a deep slumber.

Ygme was taken to A-mat’s residence at once to serve as Ante’s replacement. A little earlier, Nihan had finally become exhausted fleeing the guards and had given in, deciding to head to A-mat’s residence to offer up Tartaros for execution. When she arrives, she finds Ygme already there, and Tartaros suddenly begins to speak. Tartaros tells Ygme and Nihan A-mat’s deepest secret, a secret nobody would ever have guessed.

A-mat is not a human at all. Rather, he is a one-eyed goat disguised in human skin. Ygme steals A-mat’s skin as he sleeps, disguising himself as A-mat. Without his disguise the city guards fail to recognize the one-eyed goat as A-mat, and summarily beheads him as per A-mat’s own orders. With this, the curse that had blighted the land of Bayan ng Damo is finally undone, and Ygme rules over the city for many years in the guise of A-mat.





Ygme: A young boy who works as a goat keeper. 

Yna: A white goat kept by Ygme. 

Tartaros: A one-eyed goat. Yna’s child. 

Nihan: A  goat keeper and Ygme’s friend. 

Alicia: A nanny goat kept by Nihan. 


Ante: A healer and prophet. (Ante’s shining magic stone comes into Ygme’s possession at Ante’s funeral. With the stone in his possession, Ygme is able to regain the power of the lullaby.) 

A-mat: The ruler of the city of Bayan ng Damo. Hides a great secret. 

Councilor: Responsible for carrying out A-mat’s rules and ordinances. 

The Ranch Owner: Ygme and Nihan’s employer. 

Guards: Soldiers who lead the people.  

Amatists: The residents of Bayan ng Damo (played by the online audience).